Integrated Design Studios

The Integrated Design Studios concept is about involving HVAC&R engineers at the early stages of the building design process. The conceptual design stage of a project is the point where decisions can make the most impact and changes can be made at least cost.

Early collaboration between architects, HVAC engineers and other stakeholders creates opportunities to deliver major cost and energy savings.

The iHub Integrated Design Studios activity aims to facilitate collaborations with building owners and the design industry to:

  • increase innovation at the conceptual design stage;
  • develop an evidence base of new zero energy buildings concepts;
  • support knowledge development of the next generation of building professionals; and
  • influence cultural practices across the design industry.
Integrated design studions

Outcomes: Integrated Design Studios

This video looks at the outcomes of i-Hub’s Integrated Design Studios – an activity facilitating collaborations with building owners and the design industry.

AIRAH and the i-Hub hosted a free Symposium about the Integrated Design Studios initiative. This knowledge sharing opportunity featured three two-hour long sessions from October 25–27.

DAY ONE: MONDAY, OCTOBER 25 The first session explored the latest updates to the IDS schools and data centres, and the panel will discussed key IDS principles.
DAY TWO: TUESDAY, OCTOBER 26 This session provided an update from the University of Wollongong and explored the IDS aquatic and aged care facilities. The panel also covered key IDS practices.
DAY THREE: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 27 The Symposium ended with a presentation from representatives from the Queensland University of Technology.

The full program is available to download here.

Integrated Design Studio – 08 CSIRO Laboratories 

As part of the IDS08 project, Brendon McNiven from the University of Melbourne presented on the work at the CSIRO Labs of the Future Symposium on October 5. The symposium brought together thought leaders from around the world, together with partners in government, industry and academia to build a dialogue about the research ecosystem of the future, and how we can work together to create labs, infrastructure, and tools that will enable the next generation of scientists to innovate and collaborate in new ways.

More information about the symposium can be found here, and the presentation can be viewed below.

i-Hub Summit III – webinar series

Summit III

The i-Hub hosted the third edition of the i-Hub Summit in June 2021. The first session on integrated design was held on Tuesday, June 15, and is available to watch here.

i-Hub Summit II – webinar series

Summit 2

The Innovation Hub for Affordable Heating and Cooling (i-Hub) hosted its second Digital Summit during November and December in 2020. The first session on integrated design was held on Monday, November 30, and is available to watch here.

i-Hub Summit – webinar series

i-Hub Summit webinar series

The Innovation Hub for Affordable Heating and Cooling (i-Hub) hosted its Digital Summit during June and July in 2020. The first session was held on Wednesday, June 24, and discussed the Integrated Design Studio initiative with the University of Melbourne’s Brendon McNiven, Lu Aye, and Dr Dominik Holzer. The webinar is available to watch here.